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UP! & UP! Buddy

For bipolar individuals

- The Smart Mood Diary

Get to know you and your life even better with UP!. Recognize negative behavioral patterns and establish healthy new ones. Live a life in mental balance.
Using UP!, you document your day and your mood in the blink of an eye. That allows you to better detect the connections between your daily life and depression or mania.


  • Set reminders for reflecting about your mood
  • UP! records your activity & sleep habits on its own
  • Manage early warning signs
  • Generate detailed PDF-reports for your doctor
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For family members & friends

- Safety Net & Support

Connect to your bipolar loved one with two easy steps. Know how your partner is doing and support him in his health management.
The UP! Buddy app enables you to contribute to the process of relapse prevention and health-care easily and in a subtle manner, even if geographically separated. The app visualizes the course of mood, communicates early warning signs and enables buddies to get to know disease-promoting behavior even better.


  • Get insights into your buddy's mental wellbeing
  • Get to know and recognize early warning signs of your bipolar partner
  • Obtain essential information for setting up a crisis plan

How to get it?

Facts & Information


Online Psycho-education

The Bipolar-Academy is a online platform with animation videos explaining the bipolar disorder in a comprehensible way.
(German only)

Factsheet Bipolar


More than 60 mio people world-wide suffer from bipolar disorder. This sheet visualizes the most important facts and numbers about the disease.



Facts outlined by the outpatient clinic for bipolar disorder at University of Graz.
(German only)

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