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Die Presse


Mood diary on the smartphone.

DerBrutkasten Artikel



Meemo-tec: Die bipolare Störung mit der App in den Griff bekommen.

World Bipolar Day

World Bipolar Day


Meemo-tec is partner of the WorldBipolarDay 2017.

MeineWoche Zeitung

Local Newspaper


"Bipolare Erkrankung: Eine App aus Graz gibt neue Hoffnung."

ORF Interview


"Grazer App erkennt bipolare Störungen."


Startup Profile


"BiP-App für bipolar Erkrankte und Begleiter."

HumanTechnologyStyria Botenstoff Magazin

Human.Technology.Styria. Botenstoff


"Alltags-Tools für bipolar Erkrankte und Angehörige." page 15


European Satelite Navigation Competition


Meemo-tec wins the second place in the ESNC national ranking.

SCP Ideenwettbewerb



Eva Reininghaus, best submitter: BIP-APP – Smartphone App for bipolar people.


Online Course about Bipolar Disorder

In this online course with short animation films you learn everything you need to know about the bipolar disorder.
What are the causes for the disease? What do I need to consider? How can family members or friends help? Whether you are bipolar yourself or a friend of yours is affected by bipolar disorder the Bipolar-Academy can help you to understand the disease.

Online Psychoeducation

Patient education, also known as psychoeducation, is often carried out by clinics in traditional group sessions. The Bipolar-Academy offers the chance to improve knowledge about a very complex mental disease in a comprehensible manner. The goal of psychoeducation is to transport medical and scientific facts to affected people in order to strengthen their health management.

Go to Bipolar-Academy

Bipolar App

Bipolar App

App for Bipolar People

For the first time an app integrates well established methods of psychotherapy into the daily life of patients. Psychoeducation and crisis management are examples for well proven methods from traditional psychotherapy. By supporting and motivating affected people they are able to establish preventive mechanisms in order to stay healthy. Our app supports people in their capability for self-help.

Challenging the Bipolar Disorder

The app supports people by establishing healthy daily routines. The process of detecting and coping with early warning signs is facilitated. If early warning signs are correctly interpreted, counter measures can be developed. The social environment of bipolar people often can detect warning signs more easily than they can do on their own. Therefore family members and friends are integrated in the health care process.

Companion app for family & friends

The accompanying app integrates the near social environment. This leads to a more transparent course of the disease and conflicts can be reduced. Together with the possibility to input observations this empowerment leads to emotional relief. In case of a crisis, the app explains how to behave and what to do in a step by step process.

For professional health care providers

  • Demand-oriented and efficient support of customers.
  • Efficient distribution of nursing staff.
  • Support for care/treatment protocol.
  • Evaluation of treatment measures.
  • At a glance: How is the patient?

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Companion App


Methods of well proven therapies integrated in daily life.


Family & friends can make a valuable contribution.


Improve self-perception and how to handle warning sign.

Crisis Management

Comprehensible crisis plan for emergencies.

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Manfred Weiss

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